Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spearfishing...Ipan-Talofofo, Guam

Here is a great account of one fishing trip from my friend Jeff Ventura. Jeff is in the military but is from Guam and stationed on Guam. What a life!!!! He can still enjoy all the great spearfishing that he desires. And the fishing is great on Guam!

Here is how Jeff describes one of his outings....

We were fishing off Ipan (Talofofo, Guam). I shot the Pompano while resting on the bottom at around 20 feet of water and rigged it around my waist. I noticed my Nao (brother-in-law) also caught something so I went to check my Nao's George and Mat.

After a moment I went down on one breath hold to about 40 feet. The water was lebbok (murky) and I laid on the bottom for about 45 seconds. The Mamulan (large trevally) came by looking to steal my pompano. I guess he didn't see me. I looked to the right and there he was just 10 feet from me. I took my shot and I knew I landed it. The fish took off like a rocket and almost emptied my entire line on my reel.

I went up for air and to signal my Nao George that I had a large fish. The fish then pulled me down and I fought to get back up to the surface. George went down and put a spear in its head but it ripped off. I managed to drag it to where I could stand on some coral and using Georges knife we brained it. The head was so thick that the knife bent. I owe my Nao a new dive knife!!

I swam back to the truck with both fish and the Mamulan wouldn't even fit in the cooler I brought. It was a good day.

A very proud Jeff with his catch. Very nice fish!!

Well, I think it goes without saying that Guam is good!!!

Thanks Jeff...super catch!!!

Until next time....