Photo Gallery!!

Jeff Ventura, Guam 2012

Tekken fishing. Dydasco and Mesa clan, Santa Rita, Guam, 1980s

Bill Bradford and me, Southern Banks, Guam 2003

Capt. Roland Barcenilla and me.
Marlins Galore (5), Southern Banks, Guam

Capt. Roland Barcenilla

Jesse Dydasco, Nimitz Beach, Guam w/ 52 inch Barracuda, 2003

I will tear you a "new one"!!

52 inches of eating machine!!!

Jesse Dydasco with 37 lb. Mamulan, Nimitz Beach, Guam 2003

Capt. Roland and myself with more fish.

Small Rainbow Runners

Small Wahoo

Mix bag of wahoo, yellowfin, skipjack tuna (bonita).

Trolling is always good in Guam's waters.

My son Clint, Santa Rita, Guam 1992

Bill Bradford and me, Southern Banks, Guam 2003 

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