Friday, November 11, 2011

Guam- Let's Catch Some Octopus

I was out snorkeling in the water by the Agat Marina and some spear-fishermen found an octopus and were able to capture it. Luckily I had my camera and was able to record this capture. The action was fast and furious.

Octopus are very sneaky critters with all there camouflage and chameleon-like skin color change. Because or their physical features and that they hide in coral holes and cover the entrances up, they are very difficult to find. And octopus are very intelligent creatures and will do just about anything to escape.

Here is the video of this recent capture by Andrew Nededog of Agat, Guam and you will see what I am talking about...

How was that for action!! The octopus held onto the rocks in an attempt to thwart being pulled out of it's hole. It shot out it's ink a number of times to confuse the "enemy". It used whatever tools it had at it's disposal to escape. But in the end, the fisherman won out.

Until next time....Fish On!!!

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